Anno 1800 Blog Part 1


ANNO 1800

I already invested more then 200 hours into the game. I have all Season passes and the game is a lot of fun. It can be set up as an easy game and you can just build around and enjoy the fun of building production chains, expand into multiple island. Expand to new World and more.

Old World

It’s easily posisble to reach investors with 2 island, but it requires a lof of knowledege and smart restructuring of buildings. Most often I try to get three island. I have one main island and the other two islands are with a lot of farmers to build common ground and the other one is for artistans.


Moving pirty production chains to other islands is a nice challenge, but it would be best, if you plan to execute the chains already on an extra island and don’t move it, while you need it. It hurts your income.

DLC: Silos and tractors

Must have. It enhances your productivity, connects the chains between each other and just exposes a lot of stock, which can be traded in Docklands port.

DLC: High life

Nice idea and it enhances the view of your city.

New World

The islands are annoying to be build. Many rivers and each island has a flourish of fertility.


My common issue, I have two many islands and I just build the commuter port and don’t work on the correct needs/happyness and overproduction of these islands. This hurts me later, if I move to Investor/Engineer skyscrapper level


too much to do in the other worlds.


Nice, I love the idea and the campaign was a lot of fun.

Queen story

I don’t need it, I don’t want that island, where I have everything.

Love letter

I love aircraft/zeppelin. The new DLC introduces them heavily and it’s such a joy to play with them. Thanks a lot!!


Written on November 13, 2022 at 21:00

Last but not least

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