Finally Wekan CLI



Finally I managed to write a blog post to celebrate the release of Wekan cli.

What is it?

The CLI should help you to create, update and delete task on a Wekan board.

What is Wekan, do you ask? It’s a open source Kanban board. Please see here Wekan.

Technical deep dive

Why Rust?

Learning Rust was one of the main goal, I also wanted to have a common use case, I need for myself and is easy to understand. The business objects, which a board has, are easy to understand. The Rust struct can be created without any hard dependencies. We only have the id to reference to the linked list or board.


There is already a GUI for Wekan. I couldn’t find a CLI and I like to script stuff out, so having a CLI, where can I paste task to a board. Update the description of a task or just view all the items of a board is also nice to not load a webpage for this.

Version dependency

The CLI uses Wekan V6.11

The source code is here: Wekan CLI

Written on November 13, 2022 at 20:34

Last but not least

If the post is updated, the creation date, will be pushed. So it might happend, you see an existing page back on frontpage. I think, this approach is valid, so wrong information or gained information is covered. But if I am going to write a new part of topic, I might include an updated link to the new post.