Graph kraken



The name of my new hobby project is: Graph kraken!!

What is it?

I am trying to write a REST API with Actix and Diesel. The goal is to have a API, which is highly customizable in many situations.

But what is it exactly?

I have data points, which should be saved and linked to topics. For example, I make a espresso and I know have the following data attributes.

  • date
  • pressure
  • input gram of the pulver
  • output gram of the drink
  • time of extraction

The API should have at least one endpoint, where I can create such a metadata object. Further the API should support saving all the data and return it to be based on the metadata I query.

Visual representation

Don’t know yet, but I know already, I want it as a nice data graph. So the BE should connect data points with metadata object.


Written on November 13, 2022 at 20:41

Last but not least

If the post is updated, the creation date, will be pushed. So it might happend, you see an existing page back on frontpage. I think, this approach is valid, so wrong information or gained information is covered. But if I am going to write a new part of topic, I might include an updated link to the new post.