Trying to parse JSON array in Emacs


Okay, so Emacs is hard.

So I transformed the JSON into a list, which contains asoc lists.

    (_id . 6Toxj56H42yi6554j)
    (title . Templates)
    (_id . h2KtrSv7yYpCzFtrA)
    (title . test)

What is next? Maybe I can fix it, going to provide the solution.

Written on November 4, 2021 at 20:10

Last but not least

If the post is updated, the creation date, will be pushed. So it might happend, you see an existing page back on frontpage. I think, this approach is valid, so wrong information or gained information is covered. But if I am going to write a new part of topic, I might include an updated link to the new post.