Dear visitor,

I am doing web development since 5 years.

I navigate my development flow with EMACS.

Slowly trying to learn Docker, Kubernetes and BE frameworks. Ignoring the Java BE architecture.

My background is computer linguistics.

I studied in Munich, Germany, but wasn’t my field, where I like to have my time well spent, so I switched. Interception message….Just switch to Emacs if you are annoyed by your IDE.

Reach me via my socials, …interception message…if you want to tak about Emacs or something else.

Moto of the day

!Automate the small step and you save big time!

….(with emacs)….


I want to thank, the code communities, who continue to strive and make the world a better place.

Be it the big PR, who only you understands, the little PRs and the craziest ideas to make me love.

Everyone, who tries is a part of us.

Thank you and thanks also to you.

Yes YOU!, go code sth and show it to me.

Source code

This page uses Jekyll now as base.

It is customized with good CSS skills but bad color choices :).

It hosted in a docker container somewhere deep in the void.


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